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Monday, January 2, 2012

Blood, Sweat and Tears, new lip products from Rain

I got a little New Year's gift in my Mailbox! The new Blood, Sweat and Tears lip stain and gloss collection from Rain Cosmetics! This collections includes a red lip stain (Blood), a sparkly lip gloss (sweat) and a high shine lip gloss (tears). You can wear them all together, separately or pick and choose.

I love lip stains, they make it much easier to layer color. To use, apply Blood lip stain first, allowing it to dry between coats. This lip stain seems to have some moisture in it, but you could use the Rain Lip Therapy first. After the lip stain is dry, use fingers or a brush to apply Sweat sparkly lip gloss or Tears, high shine lip gloss - or both. I always use fingers or a brush to apply lip glosses over color so you don't pollute the container. Blood is a very complimentary red shade that would look good on everyone. It doesn't dry your lips and (as with all Rain lip glosses) the glosses are not sticky. I hope to see other lip stain colors in the future!

I love this lip stain, it actually reminds me of the open of my favorite show, True Blood (the blood slides).

Sweat, sparkly lip gloss  

Tears, high shine

The collection

Blood Sweat and Tears is not available yet.  Be notified when it launches by going to and signing up to be a loyal beauty buzz subscriber.

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